Branding is a necessary tool for creating a holistic visual image of a company. Firstly, for you to be recognized and remembered, and secondly, so that the image of your brand is perceived at the emotional and subconscious level of the buyer. The application of logos and company symbols on any product turns simple objects into a wonderful advertising medium that works to create positive emotions and affection for the company.



The task of advertising at points of sale is to highlight the product among all the others, forcing the visitor to stop and pay attention to it. LIC Media Group experts will play with ideas, colors, shapes and create for you flat or voluminous POS-materials of any shape, impressing with their colorfulness and atypicality:

  • - wobblers;;
  • - mobiles;
  • - boxes for receipts;
  • - stoppers;
  • - dispensers;
  • - shelftalkers;
  • - displays;
  • - stickers;
  • - flags, etc;


Branding of transport allows you to reach a wide layer of the audience and contact not only with passengers on the same route, but also with the whole mass of people waiting at stops or walking along the streets. Branding cars, minibuses, trolleybuses or trams in a corporate style / corporate colors is a significant plus to your brand recognition.



Creating corporate clothes or uniforms, as well as branded decor elements (for example, tablecloths or napkins) is important, first of all, for companies in the HoReCa sphere. Here, every detail, including the appearance of employees, becomes an auxiliary tool for brand formation. You can entrust the creation of design and manufacture of any textile products and clothing to LIC Media Group: T-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, special uniforms, etc. In addition, such products can be an excellent corporate gift for both company employees and its customers.


A shopping window is the face of a brand and the first thing a customer sees before knocking on your door. Besides the fact that it should attract attention, it is important not to overdo it and maintain simplicity and ease of perception. A shopping window is a field for the realization of many interesting ideas, which can become a real magnet that attracts visitors to you with a non-standard and at the same time reasonable design. In addition to window dressing, we offer outdoor sign design and manufacturing services (volumetric letters, boxes, signs, with or without light), as well as plates with working hours.



Gifts are always joyful emotions and pleasant memorable impressions, and in addition, the foundation of a stable and long-term business relationship. LIC Media Group will be happy to help those who puzzle over what to give to their boss, clients, partners or colleagues on the eve of the New Year, March 8, Defender's Day or any professional holiday.

In addition to the manufacture of standard souvenir products (pens, trinkets, flash drives, magnets, notebooks, figurines), we are ready to implement the craziest, most original and bold ideas. There could be no "one size fits all" approach in corporate gifts for customers and VIP-clients, business partners or employees, each of them requires a special approach.


The effect of the first impression always works, therefore, in order to initially form a positive opinion about the company, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the staff. Not only the design, but also the tailoring of clothing for the staff belong to the list of our services, for example:

  • - aprons;
  • - skirts;
  • - hats;
  • - jackets;
  • - pants, etc;

Branded clothing is not only a highlight and an indicator of a high level of organization, but also a way to maintain corporate culture within the team. Properly selected color and style can develop into a competitive advantage, and the brand will acquire a clear, pleasant picture in the minds of consumers.



Packaging can win over and surprise, presenting any product decently. We brand packaging, providing both design development and its full production (printing, die-cutting, assembly and gluing). As a result, you get a finished product that will attract the attention of your customers and increase sales.