Printing services

POLYGRAPHY is a promotional product that you can not only see but also feel by touch, so you should not neglect its quality. Getting directly into the hands of the addressee, printed materials present the company status. Designers of LIC Media Group will provide both printing services and develop a design layout, regardless of complexity, which will be printed according to high quality standards at the right time. Using designer paper, various embossing, die-cutting, glossing technologies will create pleasant connotations with your brand not only on the visual, but also on the tactile level.

Printing services


If the urgency of ordering is reduced literally to hours and minutes, then thanks to the technology of operational printing, it is really possible to print anything without loss of quality. Rapid printing does not require large circulations and will help save time as much as possible.


Depending on your tasks, LIC Media Group specialists will select the most suitable type of print. A distinctive feature of digital printing is speed, while for offset printing it is the price. Therefore, when you urgently need to print business cards, flyers, labels or any other products, and, possibly, in a small print run, the best solution would be digital printing. When a huge circulation is needed, but there is no hurry, an offset printing is suitable.

Printing services
Printing services


We will create a design and print materials of any format and complexity on time:

  • - business cards;
  • - folders;
  • - packages;
  • - calendars;
  • - sales albums;
  • - posters and show bills;
  • - brochures;
  • - flyers and leaflets;
  • - letterheads and envelopes;
  • - notebooks;
  • - gift certificates;
  • - plastic cards (discount);


Paper is not the only medium capable of substantializing the ideas. The use of non-standard materials allows you to play with the form, presentation and implement creative solutions that will add a pinch of originality and make you more memorable. From elementary business cards and discount cards to plates and signs, the most daring ideas can be expressed thanks to printing on various surfaces (plastic, metal, wood, glass, etc.).

Printing services