Protecting your ideas: 3 tips for protecting your brand

Protecting your ideas: 3 tips for protecting your brand

Creating a brand is one thing, while protecting and successfully registering it is totally another thing. Experience shows that trademark registration in Ukraine sometimes can be a complex and problematic process that can drag on for a long time.

Ihor Sosnovskyi, partner of the LMG advertising agency, shares tips on how to protect the brand.

Tip #1

Assign brand rights by registering a trademark.

To start a successful trademark registration, check your sign for compliance with the law by searching the database of trademarks.

Tip #2

Охраняйте свои деньги и время

Protect the money and time that you have already invested and plan to invest in the brand, such as logo development, advertising, product labeling (labels, tags and other types of product labeling).

Save all the documents confirming the costs: trademark registration, labeling (branding) of products, advertising, participation in exhibitions, signs, etc., because these costs form the value of your brand, and they can be included in the brand price.

Tip #3

To prevent your brand from ending up in your competitors' arms, confirm its use:

  • label (brand) your products
  • advertise
  • participate in exhibitions
  • make signs
  • include your brand in the documentation and social networks
  • take any other actions thanks to which the consumer will see your brand and remember it.

Ihor Sosnovskyi
Partner, Lawyer, Leader in Intellectual Law Practice

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