The role of the brand for the company

The role of the brand for the company

A brand is a heart and soul of the company. This is what conveys the whole essence of the company, its mechanism and the main idea.

The brand includes the product itself or the service with a full range of characteristics, as well as the expectations, connotations of the user and attributed to the product (brand-image), plus the meaning that the creators themselves put into it.

As a rule, a brand is developed on the basis of “4D branding,” a model that represents a brand in four dimensions. In the minds of ordinary consumers, the image of the organization is as follows:

  • 1. The functional component is the benefit that the consumer receives if he/she decides to contact this organization.
  • 2. Social part means the level of the company brand status, to which class it belongs.
  • 3. The psychological part means those emotions and sensations that a person feels if you mention the brand.
  • 4. The spiritual part answers the question of how valuable and useful the brand is in terms of spirituality.

Having thought over and combining the elements into a single whole, you can create a strong brand that helps to solve a number of goals for the company, including:

  • 1. Identification of you, company, goods, services.
  • 2. Assistance in making choices and purchasing decisions.
  • 3. Memorability.

Brands of the modern economy are a powerful tool to increase the efficiency of a company and very often it is the only way to allow a company to stand out and demonstrate its individuality.

Marina Gordeeva,
owner of the full cycle advertising agency LIC MEDIA GROUP