Identity is the visual component of the brand, the face of the company that allows you to identify yourself in the market and stand out among competitors, as well as increase recognition through a unified image. We provide not only high-quality design, but also the ability to convey the whole story, concept, values and goals of your business using the following tools:



Development of the company/brand/product name according to the concept, positioning strategy, associations, ideas and values.

As a rule, when calling a trademark, the following criteria are considered:

  • 1. Uniqueness and singularity;
  • 2. Patentability;
  • 3. Understandability;
  • 4. Objectivity of relations with business;
  • 5. The availability of establishing a communication process;
  • 6. Absence of negative connotations;
  • 7. Easy integration into the advertising message;
  • 8. Memorability and emotional expressiveness;
  • 9. Euphony;


To be easily remembered, the brand logo should be symbolic, concise and informative. We will present you several options for logos with different color solutions, among which you can choose the most suitable, and integrate into the design of your site.


Creating of corporate identity elements

  • letterhead in vector format;
  • corporate business card;
  • personal business card;
  • image folder;
  • image envelope (European standard);
  • corporate clothes;
  • pen/glass/T-shirt and other souvenirs.


A “brand book” that represents corporate identity. This includes the elements that make up the brand image: brand name, corporate colors and fonts, the logo, and the rules for their use on various media. The brand book greatly simplifies future work with designers and advertising agencies, unifies the visual component of your brand and makes its style recognizable.



Personalization of the company by creating an individual living image endowed with special qualities and features. The corporate character always revitalizes the brand, helps to create strong connotations and a positive attitude of the audience towards the brand.


Professional writing of advertising and informational texts, taking into account the tasks, requirements and specifics of the request. Creating content for sites and social networks, filling the blog, and everything that will be interesting for your target audience. We create texts that will not only trigger emotions, but also sell. Examples of work can be found in the portfolio section.