Design for design's sake is no longer relevant. This is a symbiosis of creativity, art and science, which takes into account many niceties, ranging from the requirements of the client, the features of the advertised object, goals, consumer audience to advertising media, the way of printing and even the time of year.



Thanks to graphic design any ideological message acquires clearly defined features and shapes its face. It is important to be able to materialize ideas with graphics in such a way as to be understandable and, most importantly, correctly understood by the audience. High-quality graphic design can give identity to the company and distinguish your product from competitors.


We creatively develop business cards, booklets, leaflets, albums, flyers, magazines - printing products of any kind and format. We take into account all the niceties and nuances of each of them, so any decision is individual. LIC Media Group specialists will take care of all stages of product creation: from the layout development to its preparation for printing and adaptation for various media.



There is no easier way to increase brand recognition or boost sales than to show your brand on outdoor advertising media. Project launch, one-time promotions, global image campaigns - if placed correctly, outdoor advertising will provide you with the necessary number of contacts with the target audience and help you achieve marketing goals.
We will create a catchy design for the following media:

  • billboards;
  • banners;
  • citylights;
  • brandmauers;
  • signboards;
  • pillars;
  • stretch banners;
  • prismavision display;
  • scrollers, etc.


Original and non-standard solutions with packaging options can magnetically attract the attention of customers and stimulate sales. Packaging is a direct point of contact with the consumer, therefore, we develop the design considering all factors: product characteristics, interests and needs of the target audience, way of interaction.


Internet advertising

For advertising on the Internet, we offer the development of animated banners. We develop both static and animated banners using Flash technology. Creation of advertising banners design begins with the development of an original storyline that will emphasize the advertised service or products of your company. In addition to banner design, we will help launch and optimize an advertising campaign on the Internet at various advertising platforms.


Whatever you order, online business card, a large-scale portal, an online store or an online representation, the website design will be perfect. Usability and quality of content always have top priority for us. We subordinate the design to the requirements of convenient, intuitive navigation, density of the resource with the necessary information and an innovative component (for example, flash).