Real estate services

Working on a brand of a residential complex today requires a special approach. In addition to the importance of standing out among a huge number of competitors with their own concept, values and strategy, the top priority for any developer is investor confidence, or rather the ability to earn it. That is where you will need the help of LIC Media Group. We will provide you with comprehensive marketing support for real estate - turnkey real estate services.

Услуги в недвижимости


Ordering an interior design project is the way to hide any flaws in the apartment and emphasize the advantages, as well as prevent mistakes in the implementation of the project and the extra costs of fixing them in advance. Interior solutions are developed individually depending on the layout of the apartment, including elements of coverage and finishing options.


For the idea that was brought to life to meet the expectations and the initial idea, the control over the choice of building materials and the implementation of renovation and construction services should be transferred to the hands of the designer. You can order the implementation of an apartment or showroom from scratch: both in the form of a fake version and turnkey finished housing.

Услуги в недвижимости
Услуги в недвижимости


A colorful and vibrant 3D picture, worked out to the smallest detail, helps to simplify a person’s perception of space, giving the opportunity to feel it and evaluate the situation from the inside.

Any aspect and angle can be available to you thanks to many presentation options from the designers of the LIC Media Group: from above, at an angle, with cut walls, in stages, with / without partitions, 3D tour.

Examples of works on real estate services can be found in the portfolio section