ECO-CO packaging design:
from food photos to minimalism

ECO-CO packaging design: from food photos to minimalism

First, we decided to move away from the standard light colors associated with home products, and used the latest food photo trends as the basis for the first concept of egg packaging.

Stylish modern label in exquisite black color, inspiring you to prepare your culinary masterpiece, photograph and publish somewhere on Instagram. And the harmonious component of the frame is the original, stylish egg packaging.

Round letters, perfectly fitting into the overall picture, cause a feeling of relaxation, trust, reliability.

They are supplemented with a strict thin font, which indicates the high quality of the product and gives a buyer a sense of confidence in their choice.

The next option is similar in style but made in a contrasting light color scheme. It is made in the same style, but more simplified.

The font for the inscription ECO-CO with rounded outlines gives the inscription lightness, creates a good mood, a sense of joy and trust.

Bold and large text is visible from afar, is read clearly and easily remembered.

A minimalist design will make this packaging stand out from the others on the shelves. “These are just quality eggs. You pay for the product, not for its advertising”.

Variant with a strict sans serif font.

Extensions at the ends of letters give the name playfulness and personality. Not only the word “ECO-CO” is remembered, but also its form.

Based on this concept, the final packaging option was created.

Осталась декоративность, убралась строгость, и макет успешно был отправлен на производство.

The decorative effect remained, the severity was removed, and the layout was successfully sent to production. As for the second trademark, Smachna Ekonomiya ('Tasty saving') it looked like this. Simple, craft, understandable.