Design and Pharmacy: Compatibility Test

Design and Pharmacy: Compatibility Test

Is design important in pharmacy? Let's look at the example of our work with BeHealth pharmaceutical company.

In the area of FMCG or the beauty industry you can experiment with the forms and configurations of packaging, while with pharmaceuticals things are different. A buyer comes to a pharmacy for a specific product. But, despite this, the design of packaging and printing products for pharmaceuticals should not remain in last place.

The development of the packaging design of the 'Argis' drug determined the start of our cooperation. The color scheme and stylistics of the design evoke emotions of calm, reliability and security. 'Delia' was remembered for its delicate feminine style and ornate elements.

The packaging design of 'Viziohealth' emphasized the colorfulness of our world.

Our portfolio also replenished the design of packages, leaflets and banners for the drugs “Staton”, “Renohealth”, “Libera”, “Uropak”, “Zagest”, “Voger”, “Jenon”. More work is available on the Behealth Portfolio tab. Behealth Portfolio tab.

By the New Year, we have made branding of corporate packages for BeHealth and the design of calendars in a corporate style. The main task of design in the pharmaceutical industry is to create trust and to learn to understand the problems of the consumer. This is possible with the help of graphic tools. Do you want brightness and high quality? Order packaging design and printing here.