Irreplaceable swag: printing of notebooks, diaries, planners


Holidays are wonderful. Exactly until the moment when the question arises what gifts to prepare for clients or partners. An excellent solution would be the design and printing of notebooks, branding of diaries, planners.

At first it seems that there is nothing easier than putting a logo on a notebook or diary, but when it comes to choosing options, it makes you dizzy from options of application techniques, cover materials, and paper specifications.

Depending on the configuration, it is possible to make a notebook with a hardcover, with foam rubber, on a bracket, thread or on a spring. And apply the logo using one of the many embossing options. Among the materials used for the cover are high-quality thick paper with a matte or glossy lamination, eco-leather, fabric.

It is important to pay attention to the internal block. A clean block will be the most affordable, but at the same time not limiting the creativity of the future owner.

You can also use standard square-ruled or in-line blocks. You don't have to limit yourself by template and add a bit of creative. Drawing a logo on notebook pages or creating an individual design will highlight the brand name.

We will help you make the best choice, both in design and producing. Contact us and look at the work in the branding and printing section